Terms and Conditions

Payment terms 
Below are the terms and conditions for a purchase of a watch on the webpage www.nonawatches.com. The terms constitute an agreement between you and NONA AB, org nr. 559076-3719, Fridhemsgatan 13, 11240 Stockholm (hereinafter “NONA”). When purchasing a watch from this webpage you agree to the following terms. Therefore, we ask you to read our terms and conditions before using our website.
The prices you see on www.nonawatches.com, are inclusive VAT in line with current applicable law in Sweden. If an order is sent to a shipping address outside the European Union, please note that import duties and taxes may be charged, which will be charged when the shipment reaches your shipping address. You are responsible for the payment of these duties and taxes. Please note that NONA has no responsibility and control over these charges. Since the prices differs country by country, NONA can not estimate the cost. Please contact local customs office for this information.
Personal information
When purchasing a watch from this webpage, some personal information will be saved in order to complete the purchase. The person who bought the watch have the right to access the data. If you want to change your personal data or have it deleted you have the right/access to request that.
Payment terms
Direct payment with credit cards. Credit cards that are accepted; VISA, MasterCard, Eurocard and AMEX are allowed. A receipt will be sent to your email after the purchase. Your credit card numbers will not be handled nor registered by NONA.
Credit card payment
Paypal provides this service. NONA doesn’t add any additional fee on your transaction. NONA doesn’t guarantee that your bank doesn’t charge you any additional fee for this transactio
n. To be sure, please contact you personal bank. If you placed an order from NONA's webpage and the payment wasn’t successful, NONA will cancel your order. If successful payment we will move on with the order as soon as possible.  
The purchaser need to be 18 years or older and not under guardianship. If you made an order under someone else’s name without their permission/consent, NONA will notify the police. The same when NONA suspects crime. 
If for some reason the given price on our webpage on our watches is obviously inccorect, NONA can cancel the purchase and refund the money to the customer.
Persons who purchased a watch are entitled to return the watch within 14 days of receiving the goods. This right depends on the condition of the watch and its packing, this need to be in the unaltered condition and unused. If a customer use the watch or remove the protection plastic or the package is in another condition than after received, NONA will not fulfill a full return or refund your money. If the watch and package is in the same condition as when received, please contact NONA to get a return address. The customer pays for the return shipment. If a shipment is damaged during shipment to customer address, NONA should be contacted with 14 days after customer received the shipment.
Warranty for purchase of a NONA watch is one year from the date of purchase.
The warranty only covers errors from manufacturers on the watch as such (glass, back case and face on the watch). Parts other than mentioned are not covered by the warranty. If this happened for some reason please contact NONA and state order number, your name, address and a detailed description of the situation. Please enter “Return of Purchase” as subject heading when emailing us.
NONA will charge for repairs / returns in following cases (this also applies during the warranty period): Damage or error caused by inappropriate use (damage on the product, broken glass, buckle, strap etc.), damage or error caused by natural disaster/fire/water, natural aesthetic changes that appears after normal use or aging (change of color on the strap or watch, scratches), if you lost the receipt (warranty is stated in the receipt), or if this information has been changed on the warranty, if a copy or the original receipt hasn’t been sent with the watch in connection with the repair/complaint, for replacement of batteries (also includes the first year), the watch case, dial, glass or any other parts will be replaced with original if available otherwise replacement parts if available.
With the warranty you receive the right of free repairs if terms and conditions are met. The warranty does not limit legal rights to the customer.
Product Information
NONA has the right to change prices, charge extra costs and change product information without any notice. We reserve us for errors on the webpage, NONA intend to reflect the watch and information as accurate as possible. However we reserve us and can not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the look of the watch at all time since we also intend to show the watch in casual environments and as illustrations on how you can wear a NONA watch. Quality on images may also vary.
Delivery and cancellations 
NONA delivers the watch worldwide and delivery will be made by the Swedish post and their partners in other countries. You have the choice to cancel or return your purchase by contacting NONA within 14 days. We will send you a form you need to fill in and return to us again after contacting us. However, to be able to return or cancel a purchase you the goods can´t be unpacked and need to be in the same condition as when you received it. The customer are imposed to pay the costs and risks in transporting the goods back to NONA. If you cancel a purchase and the shipment is already done, it´s the customers responsibility to return the goods. Therefore, if you change your mind please contact us as soon as possible. The cancelation is valid after you have emailed us and we have sent you a confirmation of the cancelation. If the customer purchase a watch that is no longer in stock, NONA has the right to cancel a purchase and make a refund to the customer and will notify the customer and suggest an equal watch. 
In connection with delivery errors NONA´s has limited liability, NONA refers to our delivery partner. NONA´s liability for any damage or losses arising out of your order from our webpage is limited to the total amount of your order. For indirect losses, NONA has no liability.
Customer Complaints
If the goods has been damaged during transport, you need to report this to the carrier as soon as possible, even if you can´t see any visible injuries. If the watch doesn’t correspond to your order or is damaged, contact us within 14 days after you received the goods. All complaints should be done via email to NONA, you will find our email at the bottom of this text. After we received the email we will send you a form to fill in and you will send it back to us. If NONA send you the wrong product, the customer should treat it with care and notify us. Whatever reason for return, the customer need to return the goods packaged so it cant be damaged during shipment. If a watch will be replaced, it will be replaced with the same model or equal if it´s not in stock any longer. 
If there is a dispute between the customer and NONA, you as a customer can send a complaint to the EU Dispute Resolution Online Dispute Resolution via http://ec.europa.eu/odr.
Force Majeure
NONA should not be held liable or be penalized by anything that is beyond NONA's control. That could include government intervention, war, new / amended legislation, fires, floods, prohibitions, restrictions, work interruptions, tampering, bad transport and weather conditions, non-delivery from suppliers, or if it is that NONA or its partners would be exposed to criminal activity.
User Generated Content
We have or could have content on our website that is user-generated from, for instance, social media. NONA should not be held legal responsible for such material. If you see any material that you find offending, copyright or breaking any other law or other offending reason, please contact us so we can remove it.
All products are of NONA property until a full payment is done.
All cases of potential fraud will be reported to the police. NONA reserves the right to cancel a purchase in case of suspicion of a crime.
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
When using the website, you are under term and conditions of Swedish law. Swedish courts have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute coming from use of the website or with the terms on website.
NONA reserves the right to terminate your account and / or your use of the website if, for example, NONA suspects you have violated these terms and conditions. Such termination may be made without prior notice.
Validity of Clause
If any or more of the terms are declared wrong or ineffective, this should not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.
Rights Responsibility
All property rights, such as trademarks and copyright, at www.nonawatches.com, that belongs to NONA, may not be used in a commercial way without a permission from NONA. Also, any use of www.nonawatches.com or its contents, in whole or a part, other than for your own personal non-commercial use, is prohibited without NONAs permission. The website is exclusively owned by NONA, together with all the material presented on the website.
General Information
Postal address: Fridhemsgatan 13
112 40 Stockholm
Hometown: Stockholm
Contact Details: nonawatches@gmail.com